Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Fucking Official

I need to move back to Chicago.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Icepocalypse is Happening, People

Things are crazy. This week has reminded me why I am glad that I don't travel nearly as often as I used to. Especially in freaking February. Ffffffffffff this!

I was scheduled to fly out of CMH and into Chicago this morning at 10am. My flight was canceled yesterday, and I rebooked and was canceled 2 more times. Guess who's not going to Chicago this week, friends? Yep. The trainer who is doing our spring seminar is stuck in Florida, so it's officially canceled. We're supposed to try again next week.

Funny thing is, Sarah is stranded here, too. We've been attempting to make the best out of it by enjoying the local fare (Bob Evans, Amatto's Pizza, Mark Pi, etc.), seeing movies (No Strings Attached... funniest movie I've seen since Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Hangover) and drinking as much alcohol as humanely possible by 2 relatively small people. Last night we met at the Backstretch (yes, everything in Delaware is horse racing related, my high school mascot was a pacer... don't judge me!!), where we enjoyed being the only 3 people in the bar until 10pm or so. Spending 30 minutes de-icing my car and possibly risking my life to drive the 2 miles was worth what I like to call "The Incredible Shrinking Bar Tab," an entire Amatto's pizza, a bag of cheez puffs and amazeballs people watching.

Delaware is heaven for my favorite hobby: judging people. If you want to see every kind of person in the shortest amount of people, head down to the 'Stretch. You may or may not know that Delaware, Ohio is home to Ohio Wesleyan University, AKA Rich Kid School. It is also home to the Little Brown Jug, one of the largest/most important standardbred horse races in the world. We are also the fastest growing county in Ohio and the 11th fastest growing county in the United States. According to Forbes Magazine, this is the 5th best place in the US to raise a family (remind me what I'm doing here???). Rutherford B. Hayes was born here.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that in Delaware? It really does take all kinds.

I am pretty sure that two weeks ago when I visited this same bar, I was hit on by a meth addict. Followed by a 22-year-old college-aged nugget named Kody. Later followed, at the Hamburger Inn, by a guy wearing a wife-beater (it was like 8 degrees, dude, can I drive you to Wal-Mart to get a sweatshirt?! Oh, but I forgot... things around here are only open until 9. Sorry 'bout your luck!).

Eventually we weren't the only people in the bar, a few OWU students and a couple of locals ventured out to have a drink, but only after we had done our senior pictures on the bar and played the entire Journey & Steve Perry catalog on the jukebox (you're welcome).

My Mom asked me last Saturday why I wasn't going to the 'Stretch again, like I had the week before. I had to re-explain to her that going two weeks in a row? Makes you a townie. I'm not ready to give that kind of commitment to you yet, Dirty D.

I have a feeling that half of the city of Delaware being out of power had something to do with people finally coming out on a Tuesday night. Hopefully this ice storm won't last much longer. I don't know how much more I can take. We took video of the trees coming down in the ravine behind the house last night- it was incredible. And this morning, it looked like a tornado had come through. A lot of my friends and family are without power. Thankfully, we have power and the internet/cable are back on. Hoooooooooooopefully I will make it to Chicago next week, this ice will melt and I can stop feeling like I am going crazy in the house!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh, Shit, P.S...

The only jet going to the Super Bowl is the ones the Steelers will be flying there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Try Fitting Your Life into a Fifty Pound Bag!

This is from a post I started writing back in July and never finished. So funny to me that I found it on here tonight, since I'm getting ready to fly for the first time in months.

My life consists of four bags. Every once in a while, as I am walking through the airport, I do a panicky double-check to make sure I have all of them. I imagine this is what a lot of mothers feel like as they make sure their children are all present.

The first one, my Hartmann 27" expandable rollaboard, carries the majority of the weight. Save for my laptop, my most important home-reminiscent belongings go into this bag: underwear, clothing to work in, toiletries. Cosmetics, hair dryer, 3 hair brushes, self-tanner, nail polish (nail polish remover, implements, cotton pads, top coat, base coat, nail primer, cuticle cream, buffer and file, of course). My entire skincare bag... Clarisonic, antioxidant treatments, antiaging peptide serums, day cream, night cream, exfoliants, moisture masks). Tennis shoes, sports bra, workout clothes, clothing to meet a friend in. Tea (plus tea brewer, and a 20oz cup to put my iced tea in each day), snacks for an emergency. This bag carries the things that make me feel comfortable, safe, and contribute to my "normal" routine. The art of condensing these things into 50 pounds has not been lost on me, until I pack in gratis makeup for 3-4 stores. Usually, I end up with a 60 lb bag that the people at the check-in desk harass me for.
"Is there anything you can put in your carry on bag?"
"Are you sure? It's $50."
"Yes, I'm sure. Charge it to the card." (I am not going to be one of those assholes unpacking my bag in the middle of the airport. How embarassing. And anyway, it's the company's fault the bag weighs an extra 10 pounds, right?)
"Next time you need to get some weight out of this bag."
"It's company-related stuff, please charge the card."
(insert dirty, all-knowing look from well-meaning airline employee.)

This is an exchange that I have weekly, if not twice a week. Aren't those of us "career-travelers" entitled to a little comfort when we're not at home? Doesn't it make sense that, when I am gone for 4 or 5 days at a time all I want is to make my own tea? To maintain my skincare routine? Yes, I want to exfoliate and shave and blow my hair out with a blowdryer that doesn't take 7 hours to finish the job on my thick-as-heck hair! Do not judge me.

Bag Number Two is my Hartmann rolling office. This bag stays with me at all times from the second I leave Point A to the second I get to Point B. My most precious possession (aside from Tuna, of course), is housed here. My laptop is the key to staying connected to home. It is also the key to saying organized in all things work-related and therefore being successful. My blackberry? Can't hold a candle to my computer. I also keep my planner, a book and a magazine, passport, headphones, all paperwork that I need (calendars, receipts, etc.) in this bag. I've had many an occasion in which I have turned a terminal into my office for an afternoon.

The last two are usually combined into one to fool airline security. God forbid I have two bags the size of your one bag!!!

And really, it's just my purse and a bright blue plastic bag that I use for miscellaneous things while I'm traveling. It holds magazines, books, pens, food, etc. while I am on the plane and have to put my rolling office in the compartment.

I am going on my first trip since I got back to Chicago from Austin at the beginning of October, right after my company cut me loose (3 weeks before my agreed last day) and canceled my AmEx while I was still traveling for them.

I am seriously struggling with the packing process right now. How did I do this for a year and a half? This is crazy and I cannot find any motivation!

I am seriously looking forward to getting back to the Admirals Club at O'Hare and to see the inside of a hotel again. Hilton, I have missed you!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Snow, People, Not Acid

Ok, Ohio, listen up. This stuff falling from the sky? It's snow. It happens every year. Did the summer sun fry your brain and make you forget?

I promise you, it is not necessary to drive 4 mph in a 45 mph zone. Seriously. It is just not OK. The gas pedal is on the right, use it. Beep beep!!

So, it took me almost 2 hours to get from where I work at Easton to my parents' house in Delaware. It would figure that when I come up here to stay we get a ton of snow. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but if it was EVER implied that I will shovel it? You better check yourself. I will be snowed in here all day tomorrow if I have to be, it's cool.

Speaking of being snowed in, if it happens, I'm going to get so fucking fat. My mother shops like a 12 year old would (sorry Mom, but it is true), and she shops at CostCo so she does it in BULK. It's kind of glorious but holy hell, my stomach hurts because I am not used to it! Pick your poison: Fudgesicles (2 boxes), popsicles, pizza rolls, frozen pizzas, bacon, pepperoni, cheese, tortilla chips, cereal, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, home made caramel, coffee cake, juice boxes (ok, admittedly, those are for my 9 year old nephew), grape juice, soda, and like 5 bags of Hershey kisses in the freezer. I think I OD'd on dairy yesterday between the pizza rolls and nachos.

Andddd speaking of dairy overdoses, Jeni's released her 2011 Bakeshop flavors today and I pretty much had a heart attack. After I got over my initial anger that there is no cherry crisp this year, I got really excited after looking more closely. In particular, I am super pumped about the brambleberry crisp (which looks like it's the same thing as the cherry crisp but with blackberries and raspberries instead, which is great because I like both of those more than cherries) and the banana & honey. Bring on the stomach ache!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Snap back to reality.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I feel like I have so much to say lately, so much word-vomit coming up and no one to really say it to. Something about having moved home and feeling like I finally live here again that has me freaked out.

Or, maybe it's something about the fact that I haven't really been sleeping sans ambien? Or that my adderall prescription ran out 2 weeks ago and my new doctor here in Ohio couldn't get me in until Thursday so I'm pretty much socially retarded? OR, it could be that I feel completely lost in my life right no in general. Who knows.

Overall, I have a feeling that the problem is mostly that I had three (yes, THREE!) whole days in a row off. Someone please tell me how I did not completely fucking lose my mind when I had a whole month off. It's inexplicable.

So here is a list of things that I want to say but don't really need said:
- I'm a really, really good cook except that I cut myself pretty much every time I pick up a knife.
- Inception pretty much made my head nearly explode- I'll try watching it again after I get back on my rx.
- I'm obsessed with my gym here. It is one of the big reasons I wanted to move back. Love.
- Speaking of the gym, I think I got there too late today to see all of the New Years Resolution joiners. Will try again Wednesday.
- I miss Sarah to fucking death. Why do I feel like all of my friends have moved in the last year? Oh, because they fucking have. At least 6 of them.
- School starts tomorrow and I don't know what to think. I'm excited but also very overwhelmed. This is what I moved back for so I have to keep my eye on the prize and make it happen.
- Today was my first completely dairy-free day in a long time and I feel really great. I need to keep this in mind when I feel like shit because I OD'd on lactose.

I clearly need to get back to work and real life so I can stop clogging up my brain with shit no one (including myself) cares about.

New Years Eve was good- quiet, like I like it.

As a whole, 2010 was a good year:

+ I visited 21 states (and Canada, yay) in 10 months
+ Saw tons of friends and family I haven't seen in a long time
+ Met some really great people
+ Moved around a few times
+ Saw David Gray (x2), Ray Lamontagne and John Mayer.
+ Saw The Eagles, Keith Urban & The Dixie Chicks on my 26th birthday.
+ Oh, and Mat Kearny at the Taste (for free, yesss!).
+Went to Austin City Limits and saw Cage the Elephant, Pat Green, The Eagles (again!), Silversun, and a ton of other bands that I can't even remember right now because it's 2am.
+ Had an amazing 4th of July: Saw the Reds beat the Cubs at Wrigley and fireworks on the beach
+ The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup

- Sarah got punched in the boob by a homeless guy
- Moved twice, ew
- Missed out on my nephew's birth because of traveling
- Lost my grandma